At the last day, on 28th August, Lukoil Cup 2016 moved to "Otkritie Arena" stadium - where all spectators saw a big dramatic battle for medals of the tournament - and took part at first in russian history Child Match-Day which was organized near the arena.

The stadium, which in 2018 will host matches of FIFA World Cup, that day has become a uniting point in Moscow for all football fans - both adults and children. From 11:00 in the morning they took part in lots of different activities, from workshops in the areas of football, rugby and handball - to battle in EA Sports cyberzone, game zones, dance battles, handmade area and much more.

Morning exercises for the first visitors who gathered a lot before the opening of the entrance to the stadium, were performed by wonderful representatives of the artistic gymnastics - Olympic champions Juliana Donskova and Anastasia Nazarenko. An hour later, on stretching activity and warm-up master-class for the festival guests came champions and winners of the Olympic Games in cross country skiing Alexander Legkov, Dmitry Eparov and Alexander Bessmertnykh .

Football match day program opened "Benfica" and "Levski", in which the portuguese players had to win as large as possible. And players from Lisbon coped with this task very easily by scoring 4 goals and having a clean seet.


After that "Genoa" and "Crvena Zvezda" went out to "Otkritie Arena" field. Italian and Serbian players have shown one of the most exciting matches of the tournament - the final whistle has fixed a victory of "red-whites" with a minimum goal difference - 2:1.

At the final battle, which had to determine the fate of four places in the final list of Lukoil Cup 2016, at the stands of "Otkritie Arena" has gathered more than a thousand people before the start of the match. The apotheosis of the festival was the children's Match-Day - a full integration of children from different countries in the organization of a football match: escort the players on the field, national flags escort, ball-boys, stewards, referee's assistant and fourth referee.

"Benfica" was stronger - they performed a good football with "Spartak" and won 2:1. With the best goal difference of all teams, they went to the top of Lukoil Cup 2016 final list and became the Winners of the tournament. "Genoa" won silver medals and "Spartak" finished on the third position.

- Tournament was a very competetive and all teams were equal-skilled - that's why we had a unique situation when 4 teams got 7 points  - commented results of Lukoil Cup 2016 Kirill Tereshin, the director of the tournamnet, Election Committie of Russian Football Union - wherein each team beat another and deserved gold medals, but final results depended of goal difference.

1. Benfica

2. Genoa

3. Spartak

4. Crvena Zvezda

5. Levski


Best players:


Бенфика - Hugo Felix Sequeira

Дженоа - Mathia Ganmaresi

Спартак - Lukian Atamanov

Црвена Звезда - Victor Radojevic

Левски - Giovanni Boshkov

All photo you can find at Official Lukoil Cup 2016 Facebook page.


Final day of Lukoil Cup 2016. 2500 fans, first Child Match-Day in Russia and "Benfica" victory.