They returned the cup after 3 years! PAOK - Lukoil Cup 2017 winner!


On Sunday, September 10, the fifth drawing of the Lukoil Cup  ended on "Vivacom Arena - Georgi Asparuhov". The last matches for the final places turned out to be bright and dramatic - the fans, who visited the stadium of PFC "Levski" Sofia in great amount, got a real charge of emotions from excellent football.

The first players on the stadium were players from the Kazan Rubin and Lisbon Benfica: the match for the 5th place turned out to match the games for the higher places, each player performed 100% for the small, but a victory. "Eagles" from Portugal scored twice using the mistakes of Rubin's defence.

After them, the audience saw the first owner of medals - bronze - they were won by the team "Levski", the host team of the tournament, which played with "Besiktas". Get the powerful support of the stands, "Levski" showed a good game, struggling to the last second of the match. "Besiktas" did not retreat from his style, playing an attacking and spectacular football. Opened the score in the middle of the second half, "Levski" seemed to have kept the victory, but a minute before the end of the "eagles" got the right to the free kick- which was well-done performed: the ball flew to the exact "nine"! The fate of the medals was decided by the penalty shootout team, in which all the five shots were realized by the "blues", and the turkish team made a mistake in the last attempt.

By the final meeting, the number of fans increased, because "Crvena Zvezda" and "PAOK" are interesting teams, also the winners of the tournament in 2013 and 2014. Who will raise the cup over his head for the second time all began to watch from 14:00. Showed an excellent and smart football, both teams were close and worthy of victory. Gustavo Varela in a few minutes opened the scoring in the match, and then designed the double, having played successfully on finishing in the second moment. 2:0!

At the awarding ceremony there were many guests of honor, including the head coach of the national team of Bulgaria Petar Hubchev, who noted the high level of organization of the tournament and the games of each of the participating teams.

As a result, Lukoil Cup 2017 trophy goes to Greece! Our congratulations to the winners!

The best players of the tournament:
Crvena Zvezda - Jovan Svetozarevich
Levski - Victor Vasilyev
Benfica - João Fins Veloso
Besiktas - Turgu Kilic
Rubin - Maxim Krasnov
PAOK - Stefanos Aleiferopoulos

InStat Football MVP of the games:

Svetozarević Jovan (Crvena Zvezda)
Đurić Lazar (Crvena Zvezda)
Fins Veloso Joao Miguel (Benfica)
Kerem Özturk (Besiktas)
Abdulmecid Donmez (Besiktas)
Theodosiadis Panagiotis (PAOK)
Aleiferopoulos Stefanos (PAOK)
Konstantinos Gkoumas (PAOK)
Gustavo Varela (PAOK)
Yasen Tsvetanov (Levski)
Viktor Vasiliev (Levski)

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